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Kern TerrierKern Terrier is known from the classic film of the 30s of the XX century Wizard of Oz, where he plays Toto – Dorothy ‘s dog. Weight Kern Terrier reaches 5 6 kg and its height is about 25-30 cm. There is a small but sturdily built and alert and intelligent expression. Coat resistant to external influences, and the upper part is longer and almost stiff. There is also a soft undercoat, which is quite thick. Shade of the coat can vary – red, gray, dark gray. Brave, intelligent and playful small dog, the Kern Terrier is a delightful pet and companion. This is a bold and curious dog that is sweet temper. Kern Terrier is an energetic and playful dog who loves to be part of the action and fun. Its penchant for barking it an effective watchdog. Kern Terrier is an energetic, enthusiastic, eager and intelligent dog, although it can be strongly and persistently, making it more suitable for people with experience in growing dogs. Kern Terrier gets along well with children, especially older and kind and loves to play with them. Also of course with other pets, but can sometimes behave less authoritative. To other male dogs of the same breed does apply less aggressive. Its attitude toward strangers depends on the very nature of the dog – someone may be reserved, while others are friendly. Loves to dig, so if your garden is well maintained, prepare for the worst.
The homeland of Kern Terrier is Scotland. The breed was bred to hunt foxes, weasels and etc. The requirements to breed and keep the appearance of Kern Terriers are medium and not so hard. You have to comb the hair twice a week and can also rub it with a damp cloth to remove dead hairs. Level of incidence of the coat is low, but may increase seasonal basis. We need to check you have enough clean teeth and nails.

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