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Spanish BuldogThe Spanish Bulldog has a classical and primitive appearance and value figure. It reaches 55 to 65 cm and 34 to 40 pounds. The body of the breed is muscular and strong, curved chest, reaching the elbows. Their limbs and shoulders are strong and the front legs are stronger than the rear. The Spanish Bulldogs have relatively large feet, back and shoulders strong and physically strong muscles of the hindquarters. They are almost straight spine and belly is slightly tucked up. Spanish Bulldogs have big, thick neck, which is characterized by two double chins. Their head resembles that of a bulldog with a square face and serious expression. Spanish Bulldogs have a broad snout with vertical stop and a large, black nose with open nostrils. Their ears are usually cropped and curved on top, but long, tapering tail is always left as is breed has strong jaws with broad, well developed teeth meet in a solid or inverted scissor bite. They are very athletic breed. Spanish Bulldogs have short, shiny, tight-fitting coat, which varies in color.
The Spanish Bulldogs are very dominant and serious but can be controlled. They are very kind, polite and fuse with their families and are very patient and good with children. They do not bark much, because they are very reliable, stable and obedient. Strangers make dogs nervous and able to attack without warning if they feel threatened. The breed is very decisive, passionate and loyal. They are dedicated workers and have a high pain threshold. Spanish Bulldogs love to play, romp and introduced to other dogs. They will be obedient if caused by another dog or animal. Spanish Bulldogs are the best as yard dogs and also need a dominant owner to behave properly.

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